Xin Shirley Chen

Xin Shirley Chen

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Levine Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Patents and Innovation: An Analysis of MIT Biomedical Patents




Andrew W. Lo


Various research projects from MIT labs have generated patents that have been commercialized via startup companies. In this study, we study the history of MIT biomedical-related patents, the approximately 200 companies that were launched to commercialize them, and the financial returns that accrued to the entrepreneurs and MIT in subsequent years. The ultimate objective is to evaluate the potential for a private-sector fund to support academic research and translational efforts while earning an attractive rate of return for investors in the fund.


With a background in Computer Science and an interest in finance, I look forward to combining the two fields in this project. I am excited to be involved in the effort to evaluate the plausibility of a private-sector fund supporting academic research, learning more about tools such as various statistical models and machine learning methods.

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