Jodie  Chen

Jodie Chen

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Lincoln Labs Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Transcript: Allowing Nonprogrammers to Create Applications




Daniel N. Jackson


Oftentimes, people find themselves balancing many standard applications such as forms, spreadsheets, and email in order to accomplish specific group tasks. If one doesn’t know programming, this usually requires copying and pasting of information between emails and spreadsheets or long email chains. We are working to help develop an application, Transcript, that allows non-programmers to easily create collaborative documents, with a variety of features similar to an application, to simplify these group interactions. The project is twofold: the first is to build the UI for the application, and the second part is to research a successful interface that will allow people to design and build these collaborative documents easily.


I have always been interested in the consumer facing aspects of applications, especially with the impact of the application on the user. I believe that creating a way to easily allow non-programmers to be able to essentially create their own group collaboration application is extremely powerful and can inspire more people to start programming.

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