Sebastian  Leon

Sebastian Leon

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MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

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Una-May O'Reilly


The main objective of this project is to provide insight into edXs 6.002X student behavior using machine learning algorithms. As this massive online education platform continues to scale and extend its worldwide reach, there is an opportunity to improve the experience by leveraging the behaviorial data collected from the hundreds of thousands of students on the site. By utilizing novel ways to analyze all of this information with artificial intelligence, we will be able to construct a data-driven framework to answer critical questions, such as What worked? and How do we make edX course offerings better?


I have worked on analytics and virality with the growth team for Peixe Urbano, one of Latin Americas leading tech startups. As an associate for Romulus Capital, Ive gained valuable experience in seed stage venture capital. Growing up in Ecuador, Sweden, and Costa Rica has given me a global perspective on discovering opportunities.

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