Saher  Ahwal

Saher Ahwal

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Intel Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Generating Parameterized Programs for Testing Microarchitectures




Arvind Mithal


One can implement a specific processor architecture with different microarchitecture techniques. However, in order to test and evaluate the microarchitecture features introduced, one has to run programs that exercise various of these features. This requires deep understanding of the microarchitecture and some degree of automation for generating test programs. For this project, we will explore how to generate programs that exercise a variety of microarchitecture features like scoreboards, TLBs, cache organizations, branch predictors, and branch resolution schemes. Almost all microprocessor vendors have such test suites but guard them very zealously. We will provide an infrastructure to synthesize a variety of microprocessors with different microarchitectures to run the test programs.


I have built a Dental Software Application in Arabic. This application, with its simple and intuitive user interface, is used to save patients information, keep track of visits, maintain the account and balance, and keep track of medication history.

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