Parker  Zhao

Parker Zhao

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Accenture Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Rapid Visualization of Pictures and Medical Images




Polina Gollard


Medical image analysis plays an important part in medical research, and increasingly large medical imaging datasets are becoming available. To handle large datasets, statistical algorithms are being developed to summarize relevant clinical data from images. However, medical researchers often have insight into image analysis through visual inspection, yet tools to organize images in a visually digestible manner are extremely limited. tipiX is a project being developed in Professor Golland’s lab that addresses this issue by providing rapid display functionalities for image analysis in large image datasets. The project hopes to make these datasets much easier to understand visually through an easy to use web interface.


I have completed a course in User Interface and Design, a class that teaches design principles through web programming. At the end of the class, we worked in groups to create a website. These skills will be necessary to design, implement, and improve visualization functionalities for tipiX.

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