Natalie  Lao

Natalie Lao

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - MediaTek Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Mobile Medical Platform




Anantha P. Chandrakasan


Due to remote locations, lack of resources, or financial strains, rural populations face many obstacles to receiving prompt and proper medical attention. The goal of my SuperUROP is to research and develop a complete mobile health platform to improve rural healthcare, initially focusing on rural India. I will work on a team of three to interface mobile medical sensors to a mobile device and develop a customer-aware, user-friendly mobile app for efficient data collection, analysis, and storage. Specifically, I will work in the Microsystems Technology Laboratories to design and build lab-onchip medical sensors such as ECG devices, glucometers, blood pressure sensors, and malaria tests to interface with the mobile app. The ultimate goal of this project is to revolutionize healthcare practices to help rural populations lead healthier and happier lives.


I have previously UROPed with the Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative. I was also a Google Glass and Android application developer for Appian Corp. I worked for GE as a Mobile and Field Services Lead to roll out an iOS application for field services: I acted as liaison between end users, managers, and developers; led training; ran a field pilot; and managed the global rollout of my mobile application.

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