Melinda Szabo

Melinda  Szabo
MIT EECS | Angle Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Thomas Heldt
Department: EECS
Areas of Research: Medical Devices
Years: 2018-2019
Research Project Title:

Unobtrusive Estimation of Blood Pressure Variation

abstract:The aim of this project is to derive estimations of the blood pressure (BP) variation based on pulse arrival time by using a novel unobtrusive sensing technique instead of a conventional ECG sensor as proximal timing reference. Monitoring based on magnetic induction allows measurement of vital signs in a noncontact way even through several layers of clothing. This could enable more convenient and immediate BP monitoring in medical emergencies. The course of this project is separated into 1) building a magnetic induction sensor based on existing electrical layouts; 2) conducting measurements, including test protocol definition, setup of the experiment, and actual data recording; and c) analyzing the data.

“I am very excited about this SuperUROP project. I think this product will not only be a great medical tool that saves lives, but also a unique learning opportunity for me to apply my classroom knowledge to a practical project. It covers a wide range of subjects that interest me, from PCB design to signal processing, and will introduce me to new areas in microcontroller programming and biomedical technologies.”