Tsotne  Tabidze

Tsotne Tabidze

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Amazon Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Model-driven development of scalable web apps




Daniel N. Jackson


The development of robust and efficient interactive web applications is challenging. Developers have to think about and manage many aspects of the web application. Some of the common, time-consuming problems include client-server communication, real-time data fetching, and techniques needed for scaling the application. We aim to make a simple-to-understand, event-driven programming model and framework for programming scalable distributed applications. The framework should allow controlling the communication, concurrency, and data consistency as separate concerns. The end goal is a programming model that frees developers from thinking about accidental complexities of distributed applications and provides a clean and easy way to control their scalability and performance.


I have worked with large distributed systems during my internships at Quora and Facebook as a member of their infrastructure teams. Therefore, I’m familiar with the problems and complexities associated with scaling the web backend. I’m very excited by the prospects of researching and finding new ways of addressing these issues, and hope to gain more experience along the way.

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