Luke  Qi

Luke Qi

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Keel Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Ion-Motion Protocols for a Large-Scale Ion Trap Quantum Computer





Research Areas
  • Circuits

Isaac L. Chuang


Trapped ions offer a promising qubit candidate for a high-fidelity universal quantum computer, but an issue in modern trapped-ion quantum computers is getting full addressability over multiple ion qubits. A potential technique for scaling to a large-scale quantum computer involves transporting ion qubits between multiple, small trapped-ion registers, allowing for quantum gate operations to be performed on spatially separates, while quantum information is transmitted by moving ions between the different zones. To achieve this architecture, ions must be controlled and shuttled under well-defined protocols. I will be developing voltage waveforms for transporting trapped ions and simulating ion trajectories for various ion-motion experiments in Isaac Chuang’s Quanta group.


“I’m excited about SuperUROP because it provides a strong structure to research that would help me with all the nuanced, non-technical aspects of research. I’ve participated in UROPs in the past but I felt that I lacked an understanding of how my research fits in with its broader academic field. I hope SuperUROP can help me develop a deeper sense of how to approach research.”

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