Lisa  Liu

Lisa Liu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Single exciton fission with applications to solar panels




Marc Baldo


In singlet exciton fission, a singlet excited state splits its energy between two lower level triplet excited states. In the 1970s, the mechanics of singlet exciton fission in molecular crystals was explored and explained. But the topic was mainly untouched until recently, when interest arose with regard to fission in organic materials and using this phenomenon to increase the efficiency of photovoltaics. My work aims to understand more details about the fission in organic materials, which may shed light on how to increase the number of triplet excitons generated or how to interface the organic material with existing silicon substrates.


I worked with Prof. Grossman at MIT on a solar cell tower that would charge electric bikes. I worked at Harvard SEAS on a automatic battery charger system for RC controlled helicopters. I worked in the MATLAB simulation department of Vaillant, a German heating and cooling systems company.

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