Jennifer  Liu

Jennifer Liu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Google Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

The Future Textbook: Collaborative Annotations and Inline Exercises




David R. Karger


NB is a collaborative textbook annotation tool that allows students to ask and answer questions inline on PDF documents on the web. The tool is intended not only to help students work together towards a better understanding of classroom material, but also as a means for teachers to measure students understanding so that they can adjust lessons and publications accordingly. My work aims to increase the educational value of NB, as well as make it scalable through the development of features such as: inline exercises to measure students understanding throughout the course of their reading, a consensus annotation where students can conglomerate their discussion in Wiki-style fashion, and a social moderation feature where students can rate annotations according to helpfulness.


At the ed-tech start-up Quizlet, I worked on optimizing front-end performance, developing tools to identify bottlenecks, and applying responsive design for a range of displays. Previously, I worked on developing user-friendly mobile educational games with the Ubiquitous Games group in the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program Lab.

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