Kiranmayi  Bhattaram

Kiranmayi Bhattaram

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Facebook Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Social Code Review Dashboard




Saman P. Amarasinghe

Rob Miller


This project will design, implement, and deploy a system for a code review community that complements distributed web-based code reviewing and synchronous video-based mentoring in programming classes. We hope to bring in MIT alumni, students, and industry mentors interested in programming, so this system will provide a means to match them with work they are interested in. This dashboard will be how alumni and students find relevant tasks and how they can communicate with each other. We would like to produce a general framework that could be extended to programming classes at MIT, edX, and beyond.


At LinkedIn, I worked on implementing a new UI element in the news feed and started work on prototyping a new feature. At AnythingSocial, I set up a site for a client in Rails and moved portions of a project into Backbone.js. A majority of my high school education was in Chennai, India.

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