Kawin  Surakitbovorn

Kawin Surakitbovorn

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Texas Instruments Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Making PSoC-Based Devices




Steven Leeb


PSoC stands for a Programmable System on Chip, and it is a family of integrated circuits made by Cypress Semiconductor. A PSoC device consists of several sub-systems on a single chip. The systems themselves and the connections between them can be configured via an innovative Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to achieve a system on a chip. The goal of this project is to use these advantages of PSoC to improve the design of electronic devices such as function generators and VGA connectors. These devices are currently used in several classes at MIT and are also commonly used around the world.


I have worked with Prof. Steven Leeb at MIT on designing a power supply and a function generator board for students electronic kits. I did a research on graphene with Prof Pablo Jarillo-Herrero on fabricating and testing graphene devices. I represented MIT and participated at a robotic competition

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