Katherine  Ho

Katherine Ho

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Levine Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Human Computer Interface for Language Understanding of Food Description Application




Jim Glass


This research will investigate the intricacies of human computer interaction for an application that parses spoken language of a meal description and extracts food information into a nutrition log. This log is motivated by a variety of reasons, including weight loss, dietary restrictions, or medical recommendation. Furthermore, voice interaction with mobile platforms has been slowly garnering support and demand in the past decade. We found that the greatest difficulty with maintaining a detailed food log is that it is cumbersome to write down everything eaten along with its quantities and nutrition facts. Therefore, we plan to create an application that uses language understanding and speech-based input to track and quantify food intake that eases input difficulty.


During this SuperUROP, I will create a user facing product for a Food Description Application. I hope to develop a better understanding of how a user interacts with digital interfaces and how to extract the relevant information from the users in order to better suit their needs–be it via direct communication or through data analysis.

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