Lisa  Ho

Lisa Ho

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Cisco Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Secure Chips for the Internet of Things




Anantha P. Chandrakasan


The increase in the number of small connected devices presents a number of exciting new security challenges. The embedded nature of devices such as smart lightbulbs, fitness devices, and other dayto- day connected objects makes them especially susceptible to attacks that take advantage of their physical implementation. This project will pay special focus to an authentication tag and try to demonstrate how it works as well as analyze its security. This project will examine chips for security vulnerabilities in the form of side-channel attacks including differential power analysis and template attacks. After determining vulnerabilities to these physical attacks, this project will focus on developing ways to make the authentication tag and other chips more secure.


I am excited to learn more about the impact of new technology on social issues such as privacy. I hope that this project will give me a better understanding of what security concerns engineers should consider when building new products, so that I can better incorporate security into anything I design in the future.

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