Julia  Hogroian

Julia Hogroian

Scholar Title

MIT SoE — Lord Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Life Cycle Carbon Emissions for Low-Energy Buildings




John Ochsendorf


At the 2014 International Panel for Climate Change, the need for a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to prevent irreversible climate change was emphasized. When discussing the carbon dioxide emitted by buildings current analyses only consider operational energy. Increasingly important, however, is the building’s embodied carbon footprint – the energy consumed in the acquisition, manufacturing, and construction of the materials used. We will focus on measuring the carbon content in structures, comparing the global warming potential (equivalent carbon dioxide emitted) of different buildings across a variety of design parameters. We hope to introduce embodied carbon into the conversation throughout the design process, from feasibility discussions to construction documents.


This SuperUROP is a continuation of my sophomore UROP project, which focused on sports stadiums, and I am excited to expand our prior work.

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