Joy  Domingo-Kameenui

Joy Domingo-Kameenui

Scholar Title

MIT CEE | Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Carbon Fluxes from Hydrologically Disturbed Peatlands




Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Areas
  • Environment

César Terrer


Soil represents the largest terrestrial organic carbon pool, with a significant amount of carbon stored in peatlands. Peatlands, which are naturally waterlogged, can undergo various human- and climate-induced hydrological changes, from drainage for agriculture to seasonal drought. These can change water table levels, which can lead to significant carbon emissions through peat oxidation and wildfires. This project seeks to synthesize evidence for the relationship between water table depths and carbon emissions in boreal, temperate, and tropical peatlands. Our findings aim to inform of improved peatland management techniques that minimize carbon losses.


Ever since high school, I have been fascinated by soil science research. I believe this SuperUROP is the perfect opportunity for me to get experience in soil science research at MIT. I also like that this SuperUROP applies computer science and data analysis.

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