John  Niroula

John Niroula

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Texas Instruments Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Quantum effects in InGaAs FinFET structures




Jesus A. del Alamo


In order to continue following Moore’s law, components of electronics must continue to shrink in size. III-V compound semiconductor transistor scaling is ongoing into the sub 10 nm regime. In such transistors, the channel cross-section is so small that quantum effects start to affect the transistor characteristics. This project studies the electrical properties of III-V Fin- FETs (Fin Field Effect Transistors), namely, how the mobility, carrier concentration, and sheet resistance in these devices vary as the dimensions delve into the nanometer range. This will be studied by fabrication and characterization of nano Van der Pauw structures for Hall measurements. Device fabrication will be done at MTL using advance nano fabrication techniques developed by Professor Jesus del Alamo’s group


I am interested in solid state physics, especially in its applications to understanding modern electronics. Last summer, I interned at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I worked on processing and characterizing thermoelectric devices. I hope to learn much about solid state physics and quantum mechanics applications to microelectronics. I am excited to be working in a cleanroom and contributing to cutting-edge research.

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