Jessie Zhao

Jessie  Zhao
MIT ChemE Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Wittrup
Department: Chemical Engineering
Areas of Research: Synthetic Biology
Years: 2016-2017

Structural Determinants of Antibody Nonspecificity

As in vitro immune repertoires derived from display systems have grown increasingly popular as an alternative method to isolating antibodies there is greater need for improved screening methods to select for antibodies that have favorable developability profiles and select against antibodies that show signs of aggregation poor stability and nonspecificity. This project aims to develop an early-stage platform combining yeast surface display and antibody library design that can detect and correlate upstream nonspecificity to downstream developability of antibodies in order to improve the late-stage success of monoclonal antibody therapeutics developed from display platforms.

Through SuperUROP I intend to explore protein engineering and biotherapeutic design in understanding antibody nonspecificity.