Jason  Yang

Jason Yang

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

“Design of Wireless Power Transfer and Data Communication System for an Implantable Medical Device




Charles Sodini


Neurologists attempting to diagnose patients with epilepsy currently have two issues – firstly, some patients must have prolonged hospital visits in order to capture a seizure on EEG for study. Secondly, to tailor the medication, the doctor relies on the patient to self-report the number of seizures they had even though self-reporting is known to be very inaccurate. For this project, we are designing an implantable EEG that will enable doctors to count and capture seizures without the need for prolonged hospital visits. As with most medical implants, getting power to the system and data out of it become engineering challenges. The goal of this SuperUROP will be to design an external system to provide power to an implanted device using near-field magnetic resonance and to extract data from the device through impedance modulated links.


I’ve always loved circuits; from systems down to transistor design. I have previously tackled several design projects through internships at TI and Microsoft revolving around chip design. I have also completed system projects involving microprocessors through 6.115 and other personal robotics projects.

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