Mengjiao  Yang

Mengjiao Yang

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Slaughter Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Model for Generating Distributed Applications from Sequential Programs




Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Areas
  • Computer Systems

Daniel N. Jackson


Developing New Programming Model for Distributed Web Applications
Developing a scalable web application requires additional effort to manage multiple aspects of the web application such as client-server communication real-time data fetching and techniques needed for scaling. The traditional Model View Controller (MVC) design model often times has problems meeting the robustness and efficiency desired by scalable web applications. The goal of this project is to construct a event-driven programming model for building applications that frees developers from the complexity of distributed computing and provides separate ways to control performance and scalability. This project will extend the existing event-driven model to support actor model of concurrent computation which essentially uses message passing techniques to achieve the level of concurrency.


I am interested in distributed programming and have taken the computer systems class. I also touched on web backend and framework implementations during my past internships. This project will be a valuable experience for me to apply what I’ve learned from the classroom to developing real-world applications and potentially affecting how such systems are programmed.

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