Dylan  Grullon

Dylan Grullon

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Hewlett Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation

Research Title

Resilient Networking Over Unreliable Substrate





Research Areas
  • Theory of Computer Science

Vincent W. S. Chan


The Internet was designed and matured under a non-adversarial paradigm for networking and transport. While networks today are well-equipped to mitigate benign failures, many problems remain in terms of addressing adversarial attacks, including so-called Byzantine failures. This project seeks to explore ways of modelling these coordinated attacks over complex networks to gain insight into ways of developing algorithms for adaptive network reaction. The project’ s ultimate intension is developing tools to efficiently model networks and attacks, as well as exploring different potential approaches to the problem of network security.


I am participating in SuperUROP because I want to gain additional research experience before my time with MIT comes to an end and I move to industry. I very much enjoyed my distributed systems class and want to continue exploring the complex and abstract problems it can lead to, specifically, Byzantine attacks in untrusted network communication.

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