Deniz Irem Erus

Deniz Irem Erus

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Thermal Management in Advanced Semiconductor Devices





Research Areas
  • Circuits

Tomas A. Palacios


Gallium Nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are a key element for the next generation of high-power and high-frequency electronics. However, the large power density in these devices induces harsh and localized self-heating in their conducting channel. This project focuses on researching thermal management in advanced semiconductor devices. I will work on finding new structures that can dissipate heat better and extend the research to semiconductor devices made with two dimensional materials. 2D materials such as graphene and hexagonal boron nitride are used as heat spreaders and thermal interface material based on their controlled growth and self-assembly. I will integrate 2d materials into 3d devices to see their effect in thermal management of transistors.


I am participating in SuperUROP because I want to gain more experience in advanced semiconductor devices. I have taken nanoelectronics classes and enjoyed learning about the interaction between semiconductor physics and electronic devices. I want to use that knowledge on a long-term research project. I am excited to apply my knowledge and interests to this project.

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