Cara  Lai

Cara Lai

Scholar Title

MIT SoE Lord Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

The role of flow-induced shear stress on tumour cell extravasation




Roger Kamm


Microfluidic platforms used in biomedical engineering experiments have distinct advantages over in vivo counterparts, including amenability to high-quality imaging and ability to run parametric studies. By converting a planar monolayer extravasation assay into a microfluidic platform, I hope to induce a stable flow of medium over the endothelial monolayer. More specifically, the goal of this project is to investigate the shear stress interactions at the boundary between vascular tissue and blood flow, and model the extravasation process. Completion of this project will hopefully lead to a better understanding of metastases processes and ways in which it can be treated.


Im really interested in the intersection of medicine and technology, and have previously done research for the Biomechatronics Group in the MIT Media Lab. This project will expose me to a different dimension of biomedical engineering, which I hope to take into future research as a medical school student.

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