Anvisha  Pai

Anvisha Pai

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Fano Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Recommending Web Browsing Sequences for On-Demand Learning




Robert C. Miller


Millions of people learn online using web searches or resources like Wikipedia. However, there is no current infrastructure on the web to support a gradual buildup of material like in academic courses or textbooks. This forces users to backtrack, research related concepts and leads to an unscaffolded learning process. We aim to fix this by building a system for online learners that recommends webpages to visit in a logical sequence. By capturing, analyzing and aggregating the web browsing sequences of many other users learning about similar topics, we can rank and order webpages to make the online learning process more organic and structured.


I am passionate about teaching and learning: last year I TA’d Algorithms and built a Chrome extension for students with ADHD. My other past experiences include a UROP with Prof. Miller building a Twitter bot to help people form habits, and a summer at Google working on the next generation of Maps. I recently co-founded Hackers Without Borders, a student group that does freelance software projects for non-profits.

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