Akshay  Padmanabha

Akshay Padmanabha

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Angle Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Depth-Sensing Gesture Recognition Device




Vivienne Sze


Many devices incorporate gesture recognition with AR interactions, but they suffer from problems including being intrusive, uncomfortable, and simply incapable of tracking small finger movements that make up our interactions with modern technology. I propose a wearable that allows detection of slight finger movements using a sensor on the human wrist.; this would allow for subtle but meaningful gestures, including navigating the web, scrolling, mouse control, and typing. Current gesture recognition devices focus on macro movements, which reveal limitations in what a user can actually do; instead, the proposed device focuses on micro movements, which can not only perform as input to current technology, but also serve as a stepping-stone into a world where augmented reality is the norm.


I have pondered for a while the idea of creating a device for hands-free gesture detection that is less cumbersome and more useful than current attempts at such a device, and I believe that SuperUROP is a great way to expand upon this idea. I am thrilled to work on this project, learning more about the challenges of gesture detection and device construction along the way.

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