Xola  Ntumy

Xola Ntumy

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Automated Tutor for Teaching Programming




Armando Solar-Lezama


Semantic grading has been researched heavily but not heavily commercialized. The current prototype system, which CAP has developed, is written for C#. In its execution, C# programs are first translated into an intermediate language (SKETCH), which is then used by a SAT solver to give semantic feedback. For it to gain more visibility and a larger impact, it would need to incorporate interfaces like Python and Java. My work aims to implement Python features into a frontend parser for the system.


My internship at Standard & Poors Financial Services LLC involved Java web application development with the Spring MVC framework. I have worked with Prof. Abelson at MIT on mobile app client development with Google App Inventor. I traveled to Uganda, South Africa and Ghana to initiate networking teams at partner universities for the Robert R. Taylor Network, MIT.

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