Xianzhen  Zhu

Xianzhen Zhu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Processing ECG, BCG and PPG signals on MSP430 microcontroller for a wearable monitor




Charles Sodini


This SuperUROP involves a medical device continuously monitoring vital signs and wirelessly sensing data for mobile device display. The current medical device collects ECG, BCG, and PPG raw data and sends data to the display terminal directly. In order to reduce power, improve data rate and boost efficiency, raw data need to be processed first and then to be sent to the display terminal. Other than signal processing, the display terminal is chose to be a smartphone. Therefore, a mobile application needs to be developed for further signal processing and display in a clinical setting.


I have worked in Sea Grant on a sensor suite of an underwater robot. I worked in Analog Devices, in Radio Frequency group, focusing on building behavioral models of RF components. I was in Analog Devices, Shanghai, China last summer, working on building a library of RF components.

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