William  Gaviria

William Gaviria

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Texas Instruments Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Thermal and Electrical Optimization of GaN Power Transistors




Tomas A. Palacios

Perreault, David


GaN devices have the
potential to significantly increase
the efficiency of power conversion
and reduce the size of power electronic circuits. This project will
study how this higher current and voltage density impacts the heat
dissipation and total electrical resistance of the devices. Specifically, we will develop a model of the current flow in these devices and
design an algorithm to optimize the device layout and geometry to
minimize the total resistance. Then the optimized devices will be
fabricated in the MTL and the predictions from the model will be
compared to experimental results.


I have worked with Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus on material characterization of carbon based nanomaterials (Triple-walled nanotubes, graphene, nanoscrolls). I have worked with Prof. Stephen Campbell (U. of MN – Twin Cities) on trap level characterization of Si nanocrystals. I led a team of students in Mexico in UNAM to develop a website that would format MITs OpenCourseWare materials following Mexican Universities curriculum.

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