Wictor  Jakubiuk

Wictor Jakubiuk

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Intel Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Highly Concurrent Search Data Structures




Nir N. Shavit


The project examines effective design and implementation of concurrent search data struc- tures. The first structure is SkipTrie, a Low-Depth Concurrent Search structure that has never been tested on a real multicore machine. The other will be developed based on experiences from the first data-structure. Investigation will possibly include R-tree, a data structure for which no effective concur- rent versions are known. Both data structures will be developed for large scale, in-memory applications. The project will involve algorithmic development and programming of a state-of-the-art multicore machine.


The work on concurrent structures with Prof. Shavit began in early 2012. I have experience working in big firms and starting my own startup. Currently, I am looking to simplify scientific modeling software. I am an international student (UK and Poland) interested in international affairs, medalist of IOI.

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