Theresa  Yeh

Theresa Yeh

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MIT EECS - MediaTek USA Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Characterization of GaNFets for Power Conversion




Anantha P. Chandrakasan


Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a new emerging technology that will slowly be replacing the conventionally Silicon FETs for power convertor applications. For this project, I will be characterizing commercial and research level (Prof. Palacios lab) GaN FETs. GaN FETs offer decreased Rds,ON compared to Silicon FETs for the same device size (and capacitance). When using GaN FETs in power converters, lower Rds,ON results in lower conduction losses and hence higher efficiency of power conversion. However, GaN FETs have a Rds,ON that varies with time. When the device is just switched on, it offers a higher Rds,ON. If we allow the device to remain in the on state, the Rds,ON decreases over time and is dictated by a time constant. This project will be focusing on characterizing the dynamic Rds,ON along with the associated time constant.


I have worked in the Telecom Team at Cisco to improve testing efficiency by creating an automation system for their hardware tests. I have worked at Linear Technology to improve the accuracy and speed the process of measuring the resistance differences in their quadruple-resistor chip. I was part of a team in Taiwan that built capacitive touchscreens for mobile devices and tablets.

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