Thao  Dinh

Thao Dinh

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Lincoln Laboratory Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Investigation of Kinetic Inductance in van der Waals Superconductors





Research Areas
  • Devices

William Oliver


Fabricating superconducting qubits from 2D van de Waals superconductors have become a promising way to enhance the qubit performance due to useful properties that these material carries. Our project focuses on Niobium Diselenide (NbSe2), a 2D superconductor with high normal resistance. The material is expected to exhibit high kinetic inductance and low disorder, thus can be used to make small-form-factor, high-coherence qubits. We study the material in the microwave regime by integrating the material in a coplanar waveguide resonator to extract their kinetic inductance from resonant frequency shift. If time allows, we will demonstrate the use of these superconductors in building fluxonium qubits.


I am participating in SuperUROP to gain advanced research experience as well as enhance my communication skills. At the end of this SuperUROP, besides presenting poster and writing report, I hope to display publishable results.

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