Tana  Wattanawaroon

Tana Wattanawaroon

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - VMware Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Laser Chess




Charles E. Leiserson


Laser Chess is a class of chess-like board games that involves shooting laser that bounces off mirrors to attack your opponent. The game is strategically challenging and interesting, because the attacker has to put himself in a more vulnerable position when attacking. The project has two main objectives: to develop a system for an online parallel game-playing program for Laser Chess, and to develop a game engine that plays the game efficiently. This involves using techniques in performance engineering, systems and artificial intelligence to develop good strategies and optimize the engine so that it plays the game intelligently and quickly.


My internship project at Dropbox was social network file sharing on its iOS application. I worked with Prof.Berwick on a natural language analysis toolkit for linguists involving integration of multiple sentence parsers.

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