Szu-Po  Wang

Szu-Po Wang

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Foxconn Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Procedural Multi-Material Design for 3D Printing




Wojciech Matusik


Recent advancements in 3D printer technology and additive manufacturing make it feasible to fabricate and 3D print highly complex objects made of a variety of materials. Standard 3D modeling pipelines allow modeling the geometric shape of a 3D object in intricate detail. However, geometry shape along cant specify the material composition, internal structure, or surface texture efficiently. We aim to solve this problem by procedurally defining the 3D object. Consequently, the details are computed only when the corresponding portion of the object is being printed. In this way, we can fabricate high-quality, complex multi-material 3D object.


I have worked with Prof. Muriel Medard and Shirley Shi on implementing network coding on software-defined radio at MIT. I built a basic Chinese Text-to-Speech system as my high school research project. I studied at National Taiwan University for one year.

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