Stephanie  Greene

Stephanie Greene

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Foxconn Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

The Future Textbook




David R. Karger


I will work to improve nb, a web application that allows students to annotate a shared online textbook with questions and comments. This allows students to learn from each other by answering each others questions. It also shows the professor where the class is most confused as evidenced by question volume. Nb will be especially useful for online educational initiatives as it provides a way for students who would otherwise never meet to discuss the material while they are studying. Nb is currently a working application, but planned improvements include appearance upgrades, a search function, and support for non-text annotations like videos or diagrams.


I worked with Professor Kiayias at UConn on NetCog, a system that determines whether a machine is infected with malware based on the network traffic. At the US Army Soldier Systems Center, I performed the lab work needed to create a model that correlates external body temperature with the core temperature of critical organs. I spent a summer teaching mathematics and English classes to thirty grade-five students at Mamfe Young Souls Academy in Ghana.

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