Skylar Gordon

Skylar  Gordon
MIT Quest for Intelligence | Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Lalana Kagal
Department: CSAIL
Areas of Research: Computer Systems
Years: 2020-2021
Research Project Title:

User’s Perceptions of Fairness Definitions

abstract:As technology is entering our lives in a multitude of unprecedented ways, and the data we generate is more mounting than ever before, questions surrounding ethics and fairness in this space emerge. As we consider algorithmic fairness, and implementing fairness in emerging technologies, there arises a simple question: What is fair? In order to implement fairness, we first must understand and specify what is our definition of fairness. In this research, we turn towards users of the technology, to inquire what their beliefs of what is fair when given specific scenarios in which algorithmic mechanisms are used in decision-making. My SuperUROP will focus on investigating the user’s opinion of algorithmic fairness, as more research is needed to address how fairness should be defined and further implemented in technology.

I’m very interested in ethics and fairness surrounding emerging technologies, so this research offers a direct window to research in the field. I hope to expand my technical knowledge in this area and develop my research skills by participating in a SuperUROP. Additionally, I hope to produce a piece of work I can be proud of with this project, that can contribute to the field of fairness in data research.