Scarlett  Koller

Scarlett Koller

Scholar Title

MIT AeroAstro ā€” Lincoln Laboratory Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Improving Quadrotor Flight in High-Wind Environments




Jonathan How


The purpose of this research is to investigate difficulties experienced by unmanned quadrotor helicopters in high-wind conditions, and use this understanding to develop an aircraft capable of sustained, steady flight in such conditions. Quadrotors are a very popular platform for autonomous aerial vehicles, but are designed for nominal flight conditions in low-speed or hover regimes. In real conditions, battery life is very short, and in high-wind environments, quadrotors often cannot maintain steady flight. Therefore, this research aims to develop a robust aerodynamic model of a quadrotor in high-wind environments, and use this model to develop a quadrotor and control system capable of sustaining flight in these conditions without severely impacting battery life.


Iā€™m so excited to be working on developing UAV technologies after working at Amazon Prime Air and seeing all the difficulties faced by multirotors!

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