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Saya Date

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MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

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Machine Learning Approach for Self Improving Foreign Language Skills




Tony L. Eng


When learning a foreign language, a user might want to improve her comprehension skills by reading articles in that language. However, it is often hard to find articles, stories, or songs that match the user’s level of understanding. How can a system recommend articles that suit a person’s skill level and help her incrementally improve her reading comprehension? In this project we want to model a user’s competence in a language as well as article difficulty. We want to use this model suggest articles according to their level and update the model to offer the user incrementally challenging articles.


I love learning languages and speak about 6 languages with reasonable fluency. I am also fascinated about how much we can figure out about the world using Machine Learning and Data Sciences. This project integrates my passion for learning language with my favorite topics in computer science. I hope to develop a useful tool for others just as passionate about learning languages!

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