Sarah  Leu

Sarah Leu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Texas Instruments Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Electronically Tuning the Resonant Frequency of a Energy Harvesting Device using Bias Flip Technique




Jeffrey H. Lang

Dennis Buss


Energy harvesting devices are capable of converting mechanical vibrations into electrical energy from a source vibration. In order to harvest this electrical energy, the frequency of the source vibration must match the resonant frequency of the energy harvesting device. Manufacturing EHDs is difficult because the source vibration frequency can vary with time. The goal of this project is to see if it is possible to create a tunable EHD using the Bias-Flip technique. That is the resonant frequency of the EHD could be changed to match the the source vibrations.


I worked on camera testing for the Dark Matter Time Projection Chamber and collecting data on light pollution at Wallace Observatory. After taking 6.002 and 6.169, I realized I wanted to pursue electrical engineering. I worked for the Womens Technology Program teaching electrical engineering to young women. This last summer I worked for Professor Prasanna at USC learning about 3D Processor technology and its applications.

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