Sarah  Coleman

Sarah Coleman

Scholar Title

MIT ChemE | Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Optimal Phosphor Construction for the Light-Emitting Plant (LEP)




Chemical Engineering

Research Areas
  • Chemical Engineering

Michael Strano


This SuperUROP project is focused on increasing the amount of time that a plant infused with nanoparticles can emit visible light, with proof of concept previously published by the Strano group. To this end, I am working with Dr. Pavlo Gordiichuck to characterize and effectively separate phosphors with new techniques to get a very narrow sizing distribution. We hypothesize that phosphors which can emit light at a higher intensity will allow the light emitting plant to be brighter and for longer. Light- emitting plants, if able to luminesce long enough, are an attractive alternative to conventional light because plants possess the capability for autonomous self repair, are independent energy generators, and therefore are a carbon-footprint friendly solution.


“I have really enjoyed all my research experiences at MIT and was initially drawn to SuperUROP so I could be given more roles and responsibilities with my research. SuperUROP has connected my research and writing capabilities in a way that no other MIT program has and provided me an in-depth look into what research is like beyond the undergraduate level.”

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