Roberto  Brenes

Roberto Brenes

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Amazon Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Surface Passivation of Trap States in Perovskite Solar Cells




Vladimir Bulovic


Hybrid metal halide perovskites have garnered much attention as an absorber material in low-cost photovoltaic devices due to significant increases in device performance in recent years. However, the perovskite materials still suffer from significant non-radiative decay pathways that limit their emission properties and device performance. Preliminary research has shown that certain atmospheric conditions are beneficial for eliminating these pathways. My work involves analyzing photoluminescence rises and decays of the perovskite semiconductor under different environmental conditions along with the fabrication and characterization of companion perovskite solar cells exposed to the same conditions. This will lead to a better understanding of material behavior and improved device performance.


I am a junior double majoring in EE and Physics. I have always been passionate about renewable energy sources as well as the use of nanotechnology and novel low-cost materials in the fabrication of state-of-the-art electronic devices. I hope to make significant contributions to the popular field of perovskites and set record solar cell device efficiencies while learning from the great mentors that I have for my project.

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