Rebecca  Zhang

Rebecca Zhang

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Accenture Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Intuitive Difference Views for Shared Databases




Samuel R. Madden


I will be contributing data visualization for a feature within DataHub, a project started by the MIT Big Data Initiative at CSAIL. DataHub aims to be a repository for databases (much like GitHub for code). I am creating data visualization for the version control feature, so people who contribute to the data can compare different states of the database and track the important changes that have been made. The tables in DataHub can have millions, if not billions, of columns of data. Therefore, we aim to optimize the visualization to show the most important and relevant changes to the user first.


I gained some experience with data visualization from developing new graph types for the YouTube Analytics team at Google this past summer. I also worked on a preview ads service for Google AdWords two summers ago. Im excited to see how we can explore making the amount of data we collect meaningful and accessible.

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