Paige  Omura

Paige Omura

Scholar Title

MIT SoE — Lord Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Magnetic Nanoparticles for Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer




Robert Langer


The greatest challenge in reducing breast cancer-related deaths has been early detection and treatment of metastases, particularly those affecting the brain. This project hopes to provide a more robust, specified way to diagnose and eradicate metastases via magnetic nanoparticles, a class of non-invasive imaging agents that have been developed for magnetic resonance imaging. Although these nanoparticles have traditionally been used for imaging via passive targeting, we hope to apply a similar technology to cellular-specific targeting and drug delivery. Our multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles will ultimately provide both molecularly targeted diagnostic imaging and deliver therapeutics across the blood brain barrier to the central nervous system to fight metastatic breast cancer.


I love exploring how novel technologies and ideas can be applied in multiple settings. Although this project focuses specifically on breast cancer, its technologies are multidisciplinary; successfully passing non-biological nanoparticles through the blood brain barrier could impact the world far beyond cancer treatment. This project excites me because it is so molecularly specific but has incredible breadth potential.

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