Nitah Nyang'ate Onsongo

Nitah Nyang'ate Onsongo

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | CS+HASS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Theatryc: A New Theater-Arts Communication Platform





Research Areas
  • Computer Systems

Dorothy W. Curtis

Charlotte Brathwaite


With the advent of high-resolution photography, the film industry has grown rapidly due to advances in aesthetic quality while the theater industry lags behind. While theater should be at the forefront of helping confront critical social issues such as racism, it is currently not effective in doing so. This is due to a lack of a standardized communication infrastructure. This research will focus on understanding the problem and designing Theatryc, a system that we hope will address the issue by providing a platform through which theater producers can advertise, collaborate, staff, attract sponsorship; and provide the public at large a forum for discussing theater works and world happenings.


I recently picked up theater as my Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS) concentration. Realizing that I could leverage my technical background in computer science to drive innovation in the theater arts motivated me to be part of the SHASS-SuperUROP. I hope to gain a better understanding of the scope of the communication breakdown within the theater field and, consequently, revolutionize how theater is received by society.

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