Nicole Goridkov

Nicole  Goridkov
Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Michael Triantafyllou
Department: MECHE
Areas of Research: Environment
Years: 2020-2021
Research Project Title:

Effects of Coastal Ocean Acidification on Commercially Important Organisms

abstract:Ocean acidification (OA) occurs as the oceans' pH decrease and become more acidic, disrupting the many forms of life residing within. This process is primarily caused by the ocean's uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide, whose levels have risen significantly in recent years. Our research will look at the effects of acidification on mollusk populations in New England, whose external calcareous shells are highly sensitive to OA. This project will analyze data gathered in Nahant, MA on mollusks in the New England region and other significant animals like lobsters in order to explore the certain thresholds these organisms require for survival as well as other key features, like life stage, which are affected by OA within these commercially important organisms.

I am joining this SuperUROP because I am really interested in exploring the role climate change has on our oceans. After taking some classes on Coastal Ecology and Oceanography, I am excited to learn a lot about this highly relevant research area that directly affects the local community. I hope to learn a lot about long-term research projects and also about the work being done to improve sustainable aquaculture.