Neena  Parikh

Neena Parikh

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Quanta Computer Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Exploring Gesture Recognition in Low-Power Settings




Anantha P. Chandrakasan


Gesture recognition is an exciting field of computer science that has a number of novel applications in human-computer interaction and in developing user interfaces for future terminals. In a number of these scenarios, one would expect a fast and/or low-power implementation of these recognition algorithms; for instance, in mobile applications, an energy-efficient algorithm would be necessary in order to preserve battery life. This project will begi with a survey of the field of gesture recognition to form a repository of information about work already done and to identify which algorithms work best for particular use cases. After narrowing to specific procedures and applications, we will work to optimize these algorithms to make them amenable to hardware implementation


Over the past few years, I have participated in UROPs with various
groups, including the Biomedical Cybernetics Lab and the Music21 Computer-Aided Musicology Toolkit. More recently, I interned in the Human-Computer Interaction division of Google Research. My research interests lie in the areas of artificial intelligence and developing novel forms of human-computer interaction.

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