Nathnael  Abebe

Nathnael Abebe

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Draper Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Developing Superconducting Nanowire Electronics




Karl K. Berggren


Superconductors have an array of applications including high sensitivity detectors, such as single photon detectors, and fast digital electronics. Existing superconducting circuits are based on a device known as a Josephson Junction. This device consists of two superconductors coupled by a weak link. This project aims to explore other ways of developing superconducting circuits that could compete with existing Josephson technology. The recent development of a three terminal current driven device known as the nanocryotron, also known as the nTron, is one avenue this project will pursue with the hopes of developing a set of logic gates for digital computation.


Last year I did a UROP in the Center for Material Science and Engineering where I was exposed to magnetic logic device development. That UROP started my interest in device development. This past summer I have worked with the Quantum Nanostructure and Nanofabrication Group helping develop a simulation model for a superconducting nanowire and a test setup to block radio frequency electromagnetic interference.

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