Miranda Nicole McClellan

Miranda Nicole McClellan

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Cisco Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

WebRTC-Based Network Performance Measurements





Research Areas
  • Computer Systems

David Clark


Network speed tests are used to understand the viability of the connection between a user’ s local machine and another point in the internet. Current browser-based speed tests measure performance metrics such as the ping time, the time to deliver a message and receive a reply, the download speed, and the upload speed. However, differences in assumptions and methodologies cause discrepancies in the results. I will build and analyze a set of network performance tests using a variety of network metrics such as bulk transport capacity, latency, and loss. The tests will utilize WebRTC, an application program interface (API) and communication protocol provider, for real-time communication for browsers and mobile apps.


I am excited to participate in SuperUROP because I took a networking course that sparked my interest in computer systems. I want to know more about communication between machines on peer-to-peer networks, the process and metrics used to evaluate network performance, and how these metrics are used in policy and marketing decisions.

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