Minh Tue  Vo Thanh

Minh Tue Vo Thanh

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Smart data compression and optimization on mobile platform




Daniela L. Rus


Recent smart phones have included powerful sensors (such as cameras or GPS coordinates) that can capture user data easily in large quantity. However, due to limitations of data transmission bandwidth, as well as the computing power of mobile devices, systematic studies of large sensory data remain limited. In the 2011 paper, Rus and Feldman introduced a powerful technique to compress data, such as GPS coordinates, without losing essential information. In the first part of this project we are looking into implementation of the compression algorithm on smartphone devices. In the second part, we wish to optimize the compression algorithm to maximize user experiences (such as increasing battery longevity and minimizing computational overload).


I have worked at Microsoft, Windows Phone division over the summer 2012 on the an end-to-end user application for the next generation of windows phone; with Prof. Manorajan Dash at Nanyang Technological University to implement bioinformatics algorithms on dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU); and at Google India on a language model system that is currently under patent process.

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