Mikael  Mengistu

Mikael Mengistu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Keel Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

myMemory: Understanding and Improving Human Memory




Aude Oliva


The overall goal of the project is to design and create a mobile application that provides insights to our users about their memory. Currently the project relies on crowdsourced information from Amazon Mechanical Turk. This provides us with a good basis of information which will help guide some of our design decisions for the various tests to be distributed through the mobile application. My role in this project will be to help develop the the mobile application as well as implement and evaluate various testing mechanisms on crowdsourcing platforms to identify the type of insights that we can provide to people by discovering the individual differences in memory.


I am currently a senior studying computer science. I was first exposed to mobile-app development during my freshman IAP when I participated in 6.570, the Android development competition. Since then I’ve had internships at GroupMe and Redfin where I worked on mobile features for iOS and Android. Most recently I interned at Microsoft where I worked on the ASP.NET 5 team

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